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Results & Testimonials 



“The ActivaDerm skin treatment products represent a revolutionary advance in the treatment of subsurface skin damage. They also allow for the delivery of rejuvenating treatments to enhance skin healing. I have also been able to observe significant, and sometimes dramatic, improvements int he skin’s quality, fine lines and wrinkles and hyperpigmentaion.”
Dr. Richard Anderson

” The difference between this product and any other device on the market is the application of a medically proven technology to effectively transport high potent negatively charged antioxidant vitamins into the skin for optimum improvement in the appearance of skin texture, tone, wrinkles and abnormal skin pigmentation. This product was tested and developed at the Gateway Aesthetic Institute for more than one year and on more than 100 volunteers before being released for marketing. The products were found to be safe and effective and represents a quantum leap forward in our ability to improve the appearance of problem skin conditions.”
Dr. Mark Taylor, Gateway Aesthetic Institute

“The C+ Liquid Gold Infusing Serum has transformed my skin. My skin looks brighter, glowing and sun damage appears to be fading rapidly.”
Erika W

“The Under Eye patch brightened my dark spots and reduced puffiness under my eyes. I use it at night and wake up refreshed and youthful.”
Theresa M

“The Full Face Mask has brought the youthful glow back to my skin. Nothing I have tried has ever been effective on my hyperpigmentation as this system.”
Kelly R

“Like most of my friends I shop designer websites to get the best products on the market. At home I use quality skin care products that offer not only immediate, but substantial results. Having dealt with severe sunburns, electrolysis and even shingles on my face, I don’t want to have to worry about any negative side effects. I found the dEp Patches to be the most impactful with great results; the depth of facial expression lines have been greatly reduced and my skin appears much firmer. It seems to have taken at least 5 years off my age, most people don’t believe I’m 60!” 
Janet J


What are the benefits of using the dEp patch with the C+ Infusing serum?
-The dEp patch micro current technology works to drive the  C+ Infusing Serum into the skin for maximum benefits and results. The serums powerful antioxidants work beneath the surface of the skin to strengthen the skin’s barrier, promote collagen, leaving skin radiant and smooth while decreasing the signs of hyperpigmentation and melasma.

Will I experience any sensations while using the dEp full face mask?
-The primary benefits of delivering compounds via micro current force include a safe, non invasive, virtually painless process. You may experience a metallic taste or slight stinging/tingling sensation as the product enters your skin. Both are normal and safe sensations with mask use.

Can the patch be worn on or near an open wound?
-It is recommended that the wound be closed for 2-4 weeks before applying cosmetic patches.

How long should the patches be worn each session?
-It is recommended that the patches be worn for 60 minutes for the first session and then 30 minutes for each additional session, twice a week, adding up to eight total sessions.

Can I use my other products under the dEp patch?
-Do not use any other products underneath the dEp patch. The C+ Infusing Serum is specially formulated to be used with the micro current technology.

My skin is sensitive. Am I able to use the mask?
-dEp patch is hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types. Individuals with especially sensitive skin may experience a slight redness where the neck patch is placed on skin. This is safe and normal and typically goes away within a couple of minutes of removing the mask.

I have my nose pierced. Can I keep it in while during my mask session?
-You cannot keep in facial jewelry while using the mask as it will cause a current concentration with the metal and may cause irritation.

What is the most effective way to store my mask?
-Always store your mask on the release liners in the foil pouch in a clean, dry place at room temperature.  Make sure that the neck patch is folded behind the face mask before placing in pouch once both liners are secure.

Can I fold the neck patch against the full face mask?
-Never allow the neck patch to fold against the full face mask without the paper liners on. Once the liners are secure you may fold the neck patch against the full face mask to ensure proper storage in the foil pouch.

Can I use the White Out Lightening Cream under the mask?
-The White Out Lightening Cream is formulated to be used as a maintenance cream in between mask sessions to perfect and maximize results. Do not use White Out under the mask.

Is it safe to use the patches/mask if I am pregnant?
-dEp patch products are made from all natural ingredients and the use of iontophoresis is completely safe for nursing  and pregnant mothers.

How do I clean my mask between sessions?
-It is not necessary to clean your mask or patches in between sessions. If it is dropped or accidentally set down on a dirty surface you make wipe the patches or mask off with isopropyl alcohol wipes.

Can I use the mask after botox or injectables?
-It is recommended to wait 72 hours after botox to use your mask.

Can I use the product/mask if I am using retinols?
-You may use retinols before or after your mask treatment, just be sure to completely remove all products before applying your Vitamin C+ Infusing Serum and mask.